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Printing Cost
Example: 24" x 36"
24 x 36 ÷ (144, sq. ft) x $20 = $120
Our Pricing:
Giclée prints are priced by the square foot on acid free paper using Epson Ultra-Chrome high dynamic range inks. We offer a variety of options to meet your specific needs including printing on canvas, watercolor paper and photographic paper, each in a range of finishes and weights. To determine your printing cost you can use the calculator below or simply multiply the per print cost by the square feet in your print area times the quantity.
All prices are for printing on your choice of paper or canvas.
1st print $20 / square feet of print area
2-50 prints $16 / square feet of print area
50-100 prints $14 / square feet of print area
$50 per digital capture • $75 per hour custom color correction

Giclee Prints

Pricing per square foot

Your choice of paper or canvas